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Hitori Kakurenbo (Hide-And-Seek Alone)
It's a horror story for chills... I advise you not to follow what's written here... SERIOUSLY

If you search 'Hitori Kakurenbo' on Google, you'll get a Japanese movie. However, it's actually a game that exists.
一人 隠れんぼう or ひとりかくれんぼ(either way, it reads as 'hitori kakurenbo'), literally means 'Hide-and-seek alone'
It's known as some sort of game for occult maniacs, but this is in fact a type of ghost summon. It would be more convenient to see this as a type of curse. This game started when some people in 2ch (a Japanese online forum) broadcasted it live in April, 2007. All the three people who participated that day experienced something totally weird. This became a phenomenon among young people and occult maniacs. As it can be done easily with everyday objects, pretty many people played it and some people met nasty ends while/after playing this game. This game is not advised even by the expert exorcists.

The original point of this game was to experience some supernatural happenings/ thrills for a while, but things can get pretty bad. If you want to play it, you can play it at your own risk.

(if you want full instructions, Google will help you)

Things you need

- A doll that has                     (if it fulfils required conditions, animal plushie is okay too)
- Knife or something sharp that can be a weapon.
- Enough rice to stuff the doll
- Red thread/string
- A cup of alchohol or saltwater
- A place to hide (a place with holy stuffs such as objects bearing&representing religious symbol will be perfect)
- A tub of water

Things to do before you play

1. Cut your doll open and take everything out inside it. Stuff your doll with rice.
2. Cut your fingernail a bit and put it inside the doll and seal the doll.
(For multiplayer mode, put all the participant's nail into the doll. It's supposed to be a single player game though.)
4. Fill the tub with water.
6. Give your doll a name.
7. Turn all the lights and electronic gadgets off except a TV.

How to play

1. Wait until
2. Put your doll into the tub of water.
5. Say 'I got (doll's name)!' three times, stabbing the doll.
6. Say  'Next It is (doll's name. For multiplayer mode, next person's name)!'
(For multiplayer mode, everyone takes turn to be It and stab the doll. The doll becomes It the last.)
7. Leave the sharp thing next to the doll, take a sip of saltwater. But do not swallow it. Keep it in your mouth. Take the cup with you to the hiding place [i]quickly[/i].
8. Observe strange happenings in your hiding place.

How to End

1. Come out of your hiding place with your cup and find the doll.
2. When you spot the doll, spew all the saltwater inside your mouth onto the doll. Pour all the saltwater in the cup as well.
4. Burn the doll. If you have a Bible handy, then reading it out loud while burning it might help.

1. Keep your eyes wide open from the moment you make the doll.
2. DO NOT fall asleep during the game. EVER. Or else you'll be the one stabbed.
3. No matter what happens, do not spit or swallow the water in your mouth during the game. It cloaks your presence from the ghost.
4. Do not go out of your house during the game.
5. Having a friend to wait outside the house in case of emergency is handy. Excorcist is more helpful. Keep a cellphone in your possession.
6. Stay silent while hiding.
7. Some people recommend using pencil to stab the doll. Why? Because the doll will stab you in the same way with the weapon you stabbed him.

The reasons why you should not play this game.

1. One of the three first player went missing.
2. One player was haunted by the ghost. When his friends brought him to the temple, the monks there talked with the ghost. The ghost wailed 'This guy summoned me and played with me brutally!! He stabbed me!!'. As you can see, it's not a pleasant experience for ghosts as well.
3. It can creep your mind out.
4. It's a mixture of western voodoo and Japanese curse. This is a game that puts curse upon yourself. Putting a bit of you into doll means you're making the doll a replica of you, and stabbing doll means you're stabbing yourself.

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daaaaannng this is freaky. But does the doll follow you or something? Wouldn't letting it stab you technically kill you? And why are some parts missing? Unless it's to keep people from doing it

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